About the Webinar

An insightful webinar on leveraging Location Intelligence to build resilient supply chains. This event was essential for professionals in retail, CPG, energy, manufacturing, and agriculture sectors looking to optimize their supply chain strategies. The webinar featured industry experts from Gramener and AWS, discussing the importance of Location Intelligence and AWS Sagemaker Geospatial platform within an enterprise data fabric. You will learn how organizations can harness the power of Location Intelligence and cloud technologies to enhance their supply chain decision-making processes and explore the potential of Generative AI applications in supporting supply chain resiliency.

3 Things You'll Take Away From This Webinar:

  • Practical approaches: How your organization can harness the power of Location Intelligence to enhance supply chain decision-making processes. 
  • The journey from data to action: Discover the potential of Generative AI applications in supporting supply chain resiliency and how Location Intelligence integrates within an enterprise data fabric.
  • Supply chain resiliency with AWS Sagemaker Geospatial: Understand the role of AWS Sagemaker Geospatial platform in analyzing and visualizing geospatial data to optimize supply chain operations.

Why You Should Attend This Webinar? 

  • You will gain valuable insights into the critical role of data collection in supply chain management, particularly data with a location element.
  • You will understand how location-specific data can drive better sales strategies, cost savings, and sustainability efforts.
  • Our experts shared practical use cases and success stories from Gramener and Straive's experiences, showcasing how organizations have successfully implemented Location Intelligence to optimize their supply chains.

Who is This Webinar For?

This webinar was designed for data analytics, digital transformation, sustainability, and supply chain professionals in the retail and CPG, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, real estate sectors.

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Know the Speakers


Sanjiv Kumar Jha

Lead Architect at AWS


Shravan Kumar

Senior Director – Client Success at Gramener

Session Moderator


Aditya Bhardwaj

Client Partner at Gramener