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Business Intelligence reports are meant to be read and acted upon by humans. As humans our minds instinctively respond to human emotions more than anything else.

How about if we could use this instinctive response to our advantage when communicating insights from data in Power BI dashboards?

We do just that through the Comicgen plugin.

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It's easy to embed Comicgen in Power BI

  • Create a new measure to arrive at the emotion that a particular analysis should create in the reader's mind
  • Choose a character of your choice from the growing library of characters
  • Alter both the emotion and pose of the comic character based on data
  • Place more than one character on the dashboard to communicate different messages

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Make interactive comic data stories on Power BI

Below are two interactive data stories we made using Comicgen on Power BI.
To see Comicgen Power BI plugin in action, click the links below.

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Use cases of Comicgen Power BI plugin

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  • Surveys collect feedback on user experiences. Communicate the satisfaction scores using Comicgen.
  • Comic characters can help express the mood of the business when targets are achieved and missed.
  • When Comicgen is combined with trendline visuals, the user experiences the mood of the business through a period of time.
  • Ideal to successfully communicate societal, civic & environmental concerns from open data platforms

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