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Why Should You Join This Webinar?

The webinar will teach you how to generate impactful infographics that can be controlled by data, by use of simple web components.

Pain points we would be discussing

Making data-controlled charts using some tools is a piece of cake!

The real challenge lies in creating infographics with the current tools available in the market. 

After this webinar, you will be able to pick up any drawing and map its various elements (color, text,  size, etc.) to data - using simple rules.


Who should attend

Open Source Developers, Graphic Designers


What Will You Learn?

  • How to create effortless designs as SVG files
  • How to link shapes with data elements
  • How to embed data-driven infographics into web pages

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Know Your Host

Anand-S 300x300

Anand S

CEO, Gramener

Anand is the CEO and Co-Founder at Gramener - a data science company that helps solve complex business problems with compelling data stories using insights and a low-code analytics platform.
Anand is recognized as one of India’s top 10 data scientists. He is a gold medalist 🥇 from IIM Bangalore and an alumnus of IIT Madras, London Business School, IBM, Infosys, Lehman Brothers, and BCG.

A Calvin & Hobbes fan, he has hand-transcribed every Calvin & Hobbes strip ever and dreams of watching every film on the IMDb Top 250. He blogs at . And his talks are at