About This Webinar

In this webinar, our experts share insights on what it takes to generate more value out of ESG data. It's panel discussion with our experts from Microsoft and Gramener where they discuss ESG data challenges, what it means to get more value from ESG data, managing ESG regulations, and the role of data and AI solutions. They also explain the benefits of transitioning ESG data management to advanced platforms like MSM and ESG Data Lake.

3 Things You'll Take Away from This Webinar?

  • Practical Approaches: Get insights on how your organization can take steps to overcome ESG data challenges, address regulations more efficiently and derive more value from your data.

  • The journey from data to action: Hear examples of how ESG intelligence leads to sustainability transformation via operational efficiency improvement, new business models and more.

  • ESG Data Management with Microsoft Sustainability Manager Solution (MSM): Understand the role of MSM in ESG intelligence.

You should attend this webinar if:

  • Your company is facing challenges in managing ESG data with limited resources.
  • Your company has significant ESG data from across the value chain and wants to derive more value from it.
  • You want to differentiate between a sustainability program that meets compliance and disclosure requirements and one that streamlines sustainability transformation.

Who Should Attend This Webinar?

This webinar is a perfect platform for technology leaders, sustainability and ESG professionals, technology professionals, and data and AI enthusiasts.

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Know the Speakers

Rik Irons-Mclean

Rik Irons-Mclean

Worldwide Sales Enablement Lead, Sustainability at Microsoft

Aditya Bhardwaj

Aditya Bhardwaj

Client Partner, ESG Tech & Analytics at Gramener

Session Moderator

Shravan Kumar Alavilli

Shravan Kumar

Senior Director of Client Success at Gramener