Are your data science projects delivering business value? Do you have trouble finding the projects that can deliver the best ROI? Are the priorities of your business teams misaligned with that of your analytics experts?

Today, over 80% of analytics projects fail. Most projects don’t deliver business benefits because they solve the wrong problem. The worst way to start a data analytics project is by asking questions on data or on analytics.

This webinar will show you the best place to get started. With industry examples, you will learn a simple step-by-step approach to unlock business value. Find what it takes to convince and on-board your technology and business teams for the next best project.

Throughout the webinar you will learn:

  • Key reasons why data science projects fail
  • How to identify your projects and prioritize them
  • 3-step framework for building your data science roadmap
  • Approach illustrated with real-world case studies
ganes kesari

Ganes Kesari

Co-Founder & Head of Analytics | TEDx Speaker

Ganes Kesari is a co-founder and head of analytics at Gramener, where he leads analytics and innovation in data science, advising enterprises on deriving value from data science initiatives and leading applied research in deep learning at Gramener AI Labs.
He’s passionate about the confluence of machine learning, information design, and data-driven business leadership and strives to simplify and demystify data science. 

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