Data storytelling is the missing elixir for business communication

Data storytelling has a 30X Return on Investment

Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn auctioned common items like mugs, golf balls, toys, etc. The item descriptions were stories purpose-written by 200+ contributing writers.

Items that were bought for $250 sold for over $8,000 – a return of over 3,000% for storytelling!

Stories are memorable and viral

People remember stories. They’ll act on them.

People share stories. That enables collective action.

We analyze data to improve people’s decision making. For this to be effective, data stories are needed more than ever before.

But analysts present their work, not their message

Data scientists present their analysis – what they did, and what they found. That’s not what the audience needs.

Audiences need a message that tells them what to do, and why.
Told in an engaging way. As a story.

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Share your data & analysis as data stories

Whenever you share inferences from data – whether it’s as a presentation, or an
or document with your analysis, or as a dashboard – craft it as a story.
This workshop will teach you the techniques of
how to convert an analysis
into a memorable story, even if you’ve never told a story before.


In this 6-hour training, you’ll learn

How to pick messages relevant to your audience

How to weave them into an engaging storyline

How to visually design a consumable story output

This training will teach how to

Understand your audience and their problem

Filter analysis for the most relevant insights

Pick up the format & medium for your story

Write a relevant and really engaging storyline

Structure & design the story effectively to consume

Powerfully deliver the story to your audience