Why Should You Watch This Webinar?

$60-110 Bn! That is the potential revenue impact that Generative AI can have on Pharmaceuticals & medical product industries. (McKinsey)

Watch this insightful and informative recorded webinar that delves into the possibilities and practical applications of Generative AI in revolutionizing clinical trial design, data analysis, and regulatory compliance.

In this exclusive webinar, we've explored how Generative AI is already reshaping the pharmaceutical value chain – from the research and development landscape to offering innovative solutions to longstanding challenges.


Summary of the webinar:

  • Elevating Pharmaceutical R&D: Discover how Generative AI is not just a buzzword but a powerful tool that can significantly enhance clinical trial design, streamline data analysis, and ensure adherence to rigorous regulatory standards.
  • Real-world Success Stories: Get inspired by case studies and pilots showcasing the remarkable outcomes of integrating Generative AI in pharmaceutical workflows. Witness firsthand how industry leaders have harnessed the technology to drive tangible results.
  • Forging Collaborative Alliances: Uncover opportunities for collaboration between pharmaceutical and AI firms. Learn how these partnerships can accelerate innovation, drive efficiency, and bring transformative drug discovery and development changes.


What Will You Learn?

  • The underlying technology behind Generative AI and its applicability within the pharmaceutical domain.
  • The pivotal role of data quality and diversity in training robust Generative AI models, minimizing biases, and enhancing generalizability.
  • Key challenges that must be addressed when developing Generative AI models tailored to the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Know the Speakers

ashwini mathur novartis ireland

Ashwini Mathur

Head of Global Drug Development at Novartis


Anand S

CEO at Gramener

Session Moderator


Santosh Shevade

Principal Data Consultant at Gramener