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Discussion Topics:
  • How to get started with Geospatial Analytics in Python?
  • How to clean & analyze large scale Geospatial datasets?
  • How to create Geospatial workflows?
  • How to apply Deep Learning on Geospatial datasets

Get inspired to innovate. Join Gramener for this complimentary webinar to explore the world of Geospatial analytics. We would be discussing possibilities for various industry segments and functions. We will walk through the technical know-hows to get started and share some tips & tricks to work your way through this amazing world of Geospatial Analytics.

Irrespective of which industry you come from, Geospatial Analytics will open up a plethora of innovative solutions for you.



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Know your hosts!

Soumya 400

Soumya Ranjan

Lead Data Scientist

Soumya Ranjan is a data scientist at Gramener AI Labs specializing in using deep learning and machine learning techniques to solve problems across verticals like healthcare, environment conservation, and safety.

He is passionate about data and adores narrating beautiful stories around it.


Sumedh Ghatage

Senior Data Science Engineer

Sumedh Ghatage is a Geospatial Data Scientist at Gramener. He has worked on various smart city initiatives including sectors such as environmental resource management , location intelligence and disaster management projects.

He drives a community called “Geospatial Awareness Hub” which helps enabling Education, Employment and Business to foster the growth and awareness of Geospatial Industry.