☝️ What skills & roles will help you deliver your analytics and data visualization projects?

✌️ What skills do most teams miss to hire for?

In a Gartner survey, CIOs reported 'team skills' as their biggest barrier ⚠️ to data science. They have trouble deciding the skill mix ⚗️needed or in finding the right people for the job.

This webinar will show the skills and roles you must plan for. You will learn how to tailor this based on your organization's data maturity. It will help you decide whether to upskill teams or hire externally. The session will show you how and where to find talent.

Join this webinar to learn how to build a complete team to deliver Business ROI.

Throughout the webinar you will learn:

  • Key - Critical skills & roles needed in your data science team?
  • Tips for data science hiring. What aspirants should know about the jobs?
  • Insights presented using real-world examples

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Meet Your Hosts

ganes kesari - square

Ganes Kesari

Co-Founder & Head of Analytics | TEDx Speaker

Ganes Kesari is a co-founder and head of analytics at Gramener, where he leads analytics and innovation in data science, advising enterprises on deriving value from data science initiatives and leading applied research in deep learning at Gramener AI Labs.
He’s passionate about the confluence of machine learning, information design, and data-driven business leadership and strives to simplify and demystify data science. 

sundeep mallu

Sundeep Reddy Mallu

SVP Hiring & Products

Sundeep heads the Talent Acquisition & Product Development Practice at Gramener, he leads the overall effort in finding great data science talent and attracting them to join Team Gramener. In addition, he leads a team of data enthusiasts who are building Gramex data-science platform for rapid DataApps building.

He is passionate about the convergence of machine learning, AI ethics, data privacy, and data-driven business leadership.