Today, organizations understand that data science is a team sport.

But how do you organize this multi-skilled team?

This webinar will show the best way to structure your data science team. It will show how you must adapt it as your organization levels up in data maturity.


Common issues

Most data projects are executed in silos.

There is poor collaboration with business users, leading to failed initiatives.

Should your data science team be closer to business or should it be centralized?

This webinar will use case studies to show the org structures that lead to effective business outcomes, for data initiatives.


Who should attend
Executives, Chief Analytics Officers, Head of Analytics, Technology leaders, managers


Throughout the webinar you will learn:

  • Why teams work in silos in data analytics & visualization projects?
  • What organization structures are right for data science?
  • How should you evolve the org structure as you mature in your data journey?
  • Best practices to foster collaboration amongst teams in data projects

Your Host

ganes kesari - square

Ganes Kesari

Co-Founder & Head of Analytics | TEDx Speaker

Ganes Kesari is a co-founder and head of analytics at Gramener, where he leads analytics and innovation in data science. He advises executives of large organizations on decision making using insights as data stories. 
He helps transform organizations through data science advisory in building teams and adopting insights. He’s on a mission to simplify data science and help everyone understand its true potential. 

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