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If you are a Power BI analyst or a dashboard developer, Comicgen can help you create amazing narratives to fuel your insights.

(Available on Microsoft AppSource for Power BI developers to download for Free)

This webinar will educate you about the Comicgen Power BI plugin and how to create powerful comic data stories. 

We’ll talk about

  • Installing Comicgen in Power BI 
  • How to use the Comicgen Power BI plugin
  • Real-time interactive dashboards

You will learn

  • Different ways of creating data stories using Comicgen
  • How to communicate emotions with Comicgen characters

Join us if you are a...

Power BI Developer, Consultant, or anyone who creates data visuals on the Power BI dashboard on a regular basis.

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Meet your hosts

mrinal ghosh

Mrinal Ghosh

Lead Data Consultant | Gramener

As a Lead Consultant spearheaded powerful visual analytics initiatives on multiple projects related to revenue optimization, increasing operational efficiency, and identifying new avenues for revenue maximization.
My main focus while creating these solutions was also to bring out the key insights and the actionable data points,and also help the end user to focus on the key takeaways from the solution.

Richie Lionell Gramener | Gramener

Richie Lionell

Principal Information Designer

With one foot in Technology & the other in the Arts, Richie tells stories from data. He derives patterns from the Arts & passionately applies them using technology to data stories & business reports. His latest adventure is Data Comics.